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If I had to describe myself I guess I would have to start off by saying that my love of the sport of showing dogs began at the age of 17. That is when I met my former husband whose family showed dogs.  Being at my first shows was like coming home and this was something that needed to be a part of my life.  Of course, life got in the way, college, marriage, kids, career, etc. Fast forward too many years to confess, and I got into my first breed, which was Labradors, in 1992. Within three years I had a Top 20 dog, a specialty winning bitch, and a breeding program on the way.  Some friends made during that time are still in my life today.  After some years in Labradors, it made sense to downsize to a smaller breed since I wasn’t getting any younger. Ultimately I got my first French Bulldog and was smitten. This would be my new smaller breed!! 



I have to say after being in two very competitive breeds that no one will ever sell you the best. Get ready to be patient, pay your dues, and make your own show dogs, because you can't normally buy them.  If you take nothing else away from being on my page, at least take away and remember the previous two sentences, there are no shortcuts and you can't buy your way in.  Oh, and health test... always health test everything. 


I hold down a full time job as a commercial real estate appraiser, while juggling dog shows, litters, family, and a few friendships. I am blessed to be self employed and work from home, or this life would not be possible. My dogs are pets before anything else, and they live off me, I don’t live off them. Whoever thinks that this hobby can be a profitable business certainly isn't doing things right and is taking shortcuts.  


Currently, I am showing my second and third generations of bred-by Frenchies and my fourth generation will be born shortly.  Four dogs from my second and third generations are now AKC conformation Champions and one is a Grand Champion.  Another one has almost finished his CH, and two more are pointed and on their way.  


All my dogs are CHIC certified after they turn two years old, which means all required health tests have been completed and reported to the public database of OFA.  All results are posted and made public, both normal and abnormal.  No dog is perfect,  and these tests are a tool to improve my lines with every breeding.  "AN INDIVIDUAL IS NOT AN EYE, A HIP, OR A HEART.  EACH INDIVIDUAL CARRIES TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GENES, AND EACH IS PART OF THE BREED'S GENE POOL.  BREEDERS MUST CONSIDER ALL ASPECTS, SUCH AS HEALTH ISSUES, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT, AND WORKING ABILITY.  MAKING BREEDING DECISIONS BASED ON A SINGLE TESTABLE GENE IS INAPPROPRIATE." credit Dr Jerrold Bell, DVM, Geneticist, Director, OFA - Canine Health Information Center (CHIC Program).  Transparency and honesty are both vital in order to succeed.  If you don't health test, or are not honest about what you have, the only person you are fooling is yourself. 


I am an AKC Breeder of Merit, currently working towards the Bronze level of AKC Breeder of Merit which I hope to achieve by 2024. This higher level requires 10 titled dogs, Parent Club membership, and litters from CHIC certified parents. I am a dedicated preservation breeder and active FBDCA member and would say that by now, the paying dues part of this facet of my life is complete, and am looking ahead to what the future holds for me and Kersey’s French Bulldogs.  I am not in competition with anyone but myself, always striving to improve what is produced every time I have a litter. 


If anyone ever asks about me, I would like people to say “she never gives up, she always keeps going, and she will never stop reaching for the stars”. 

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