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Kersey's First Responder - "Frankie"

What can I say about Frankie, where do I begin....  My Frankie was born on September 11, 2018, hence the name, "First Responder", and his sister is "Never Forget". He comes from a litter of two, of only him and his sister Jonnie.   Their sire passed away a few years ago, so they were conceived with frozen semen.  The mom never got milk due to the small litter size, so the two babies were handfed by me since birth.  Frankie always stood out, and marched to the beat of his own drum.  Not demanding, never a problem, didn't tear up things, just quietly observed everything.  He loves collecting shoes (just like my friend Gus), and doesn't tear them up or chew them, just stores them and has a stash of shoes (yes, just like Gus).  He has been shown on a limited basis, since he does not like to travel.  He will only go to shows and do well if his mom (me), takes him.  I finally had him all figured out, and he got a 4 point major in February 2020, and then the pandemic happened.  How did he spend the months of the pandemic?  Well my Frankie has spent them sitting on the couch all day (which is his "office").  While the world of my house revolves in chaos, Mr. Frankie sits in his office, observes, and quietly supervises.  Nothing fazes him, not people at the door, or life in general.  He is a model dog, doesn't mark in the house, doesn't bark, and as long as girls in heat are in crates, he is good.   Frankie is CHIC certified and is JHC clear and Cystinuria 3 clear (1-1).  He has produced three AKC conformation Champions in his first two litters, Kate, Gracie, and Garth.  

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